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Air Permits Alberta 

Air Permits Alberta/Vancouver

Federal regulations require major sources of air pollutant emissions to obtain an air permit. An air permit combines all of the air pollution control requirements into a single, comprehensive document that covers all characteristics of the source's air pollution activities. Air permits are also required for businesses that build new pollution sources or make notable modifications to existing pollution sources. These permits are needed to ensure that new sources of air pollution do not further degrade air quality.

If you are in need of air permits Alberta, contact Air Research Groups Inc. Here at Air Research Group Inc., we have an experienced team that can help identify and evaluate potential air emission sources, and assess air permit and regulatory applicability to individual emission units, facilities, and projects. With over 100 years of combined experience in emission testing, we have become experts in air regulatory applicability evaluation, emission estimation, and permitting. 

Below are some of the compliance services and air permits Vancouver, or elsewhere, we can help you with:

  • Regulatory Applicability Analyses

    • Best Available Technologies (BAT/BACT/BACTEA)

    • Low Emission Strategies

    • Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LEAR)

  • Emissions Quantification

    • Potential-to-Emit Determinations

    • NPRI

    • Emission Inventories

    • Annual reports

    • GHG / Carbon Appraisals

  • Air Quality Action Plans

    • Site Specific Monitoring Plans

  • Permit Strategy Development

  • Permit Applications

    • Small Source Exemptions

    • Minor Source

    • Major Source

    • In-Kind Replacement

    • Permit Modifications

  • Compliance Management Tools

    • Compliance Certification Assistance

    • Compliance Calendars

    • Monitoring Checklists

    • Record Keeping Checklists

  • Air Quality Audits

  • Indoor Air Quality Plans

  • Air Quality Training

So if you are in need of air permits Vancouver, or air permits Alberta, make sure to call us today. 

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