Air Quality Permitting and Compliance Services


ARG engineers provide a comprehensive range of air quality services to clients across the Canada and the US. With air pollution and green house gases (GHG) being repeatedly front-page news, governments, industry’ and the public are understanding more air pollution’s impact on health, quality of life and global climate.

Coupled with years of stack testing experience, ARG’s permit engineers seek first to understand the situation and then fit the solution(s) to the client’s needs. Air pollution permitting involves many aspects of air quality engineering. From understanding processes and air pollution control devices to the monitoring, record keeping and report of compliance, comprehensive air permitting can involve many time-consuming aspects. At ARG, regulatory determinations, understanding and negotiations are evaluated along side compliance strategies and the level-of-effort needed to achieve compliance. 

  • Regulatory Applicability Analyses

    • Best Available Technologies (BAT/BACT/BACTEA)

    • Low Emission Strategies

    • Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LEAR)

  • Emissions Quantification

    • Potential-to-Emit Determinations

    • NPRI

    • Emission Inventories

    • Annual reports

    • GHG / Carbon Appraisals

  • Air Quality Action Plans

    • Site Specific Monitoring Plans

  • Permit Strategy Development

  • Permit Applications

    • Small Source Exemptions

    • Minor Source

    • Major Source

    • In-Kind Replacement

    • Permit Modifications

  • Compliance Management Tools

    • Compliance Certification Assistance

    • Compliance Calendars

    • Monitoring Checklists

    • Record Keeping Checklists

  • Air Quality Audits

  • Indoor Air Quality Plans

  • Air Quality Training

ARG Engineers are here to help manufacturing, industry, Oil & Gas, and utilities to achieve air quality compliance by providing tools that let managers operate with peace-of-mind.

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