Jim Neuman

Senior Environmental Technologist


Mr. Neuman has over 20 years of field air emission testing experience.  He is skilled in in conducting stationary and ambient emission testing projects, testing for permit compliance and investigating air quality concerns. Jim is considered an expert in the field of emissions measurement, and is proficient in all manual methods for stack emissions testing, as well as instrumental methods, including the use of flame ionization, infrared, ultra violet spectrophotometry, chemiluminescent, and paramagnetic analyzers.  Jim is a senior technologist involved in all aspects of field level project management.




Jim is ARG’s Associate for Western Canada as well as being a field supervisor and equipment manager and is responsible for the calibration and maintenance of all emission testing instrumentation.


In conjunction with his air quality work, Jim worked as a Corrosion Technologist for 16 years, providing corrosion and cathodic protection services to a variety of clients.



Relative Accuracy Test Audits

  • Chevron Refinery

  • Burrard Thermal Generating Station

  • Island Co-Generation Station

  • LaFarge Cement

  • Terasen Gas

Vapour Recovery and Destruction Efficiency

  • Chevron – Truck loading and Marine

  • Kinder Morgan

  • Shell truck loading facility

  • Suncor truck loading facility

  • Ashland Chemicals

  • Metro Vancouver Flare Station

Sewage Treatment

  • Metro Vancouver – Iona Treatment Plant – Methane, H2S, Odour

  • Metro Vancouver – Annacis Island Plant – Methane, H2S, Odour

  • Victoria Sewage Treatment Plant - Methane

  • Kamloops Sewage Treatment Plant - Methane

Gas Stream Chemicals

  • Ashland Chemical – Ethylene glycol, styrene

  • ACME Labs – HCl, HNO3, H2SO4, Cl2

  • Highland Valley Copper – H2S, SO2

  • Metro Vancouver Incinerator - Dioxins

  • Penticton Foundry - MDI

  • Atlas Roofing – MDI

  • Peace Valley OSB – Phenols, formaldehyde, ammonia

  • AZ Foam - TDI

  • BC Hydro – Burrard Thermal – Ammonia slip

  • Canexus – HCL, Cl2

  • Erco Worldwide

  • Irving Oil – New Brunswick

  • City of Vancouver Landfill – H2S, CH4

Toxic metals (Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Various others)

  • Roxul International

  • Rio Tinto – Kitimat

  • Wartsila

  • HSTools

Particulate Testing – Method 5 Compliance Tests

  • Chevron Refinery

  • Saskatchewan Power

  • LP Dawson Creek

  • Peace Valley OSB

  • City of Vancouver

  • Columbia Bitulithic

  • Highland Valley Copper

  • Kiewit

PM10 – 2.5 and Condensable Hydrocarbons

  • Chevron Refinery

  • Roxul International

  • Rio Tinto

  • Diacarbon

  • Richardson’s – Saskatoon

  • Newgold Mine

  • Altentech

  • West Fraser Mills

  • Cargill – Camrose, AB

Engineering Tests

  • Chevron Refinery

  • Kinder Morgan

  • Vericor – Aero Engines – Winnipeg

  • Victoria Pilot boats – Diesel engines retro-fit

  • Weyerhauser – Edson, AB

Generators, Compressors, Turbines, Diesels

  • Spectra Energy

  • Trans Canada

  • Fortis B.C.

  • UBC backup generators

Opacity Training and Certification

  • Kinder Morgan

  • Neptune Terminals

  • Richardsons – North Vancouver

  • City of Edmonton

  • Carrier Lumber – Saskatchewan

  • Vancouver Smoke School

  • Prince George Smoke School




2000       Stack Sampling Diploma, Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB

1981       Diploma of Technology, Electronics (Instrumentation Option),British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, BC



Certified Coating Inspector, National Association of CorrosionEngineers – Houston, Texas, USA;  Toronto, BC

Goodall Rectifier School – Calgary, AB

Certified Opacity Reader – Prince George, BC



2016 – present        Environmental Technologist, Air Research Group Inc.

2016                          Environmental Technologist, Environment, WSP Canada Inc.

1998 – 2016             Environmental Technologist, Levelton Consultants Ltd.

1992 – 1998             Engineering Technologist, Levelton Consultants Ltd. – Special Projects/Air Emissions

1982 – 1992             Engineering Technologist, Levelton Consultants Ltd. – Cathodic Protection/Air Emissions

2017 Air Research Group Inc.

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