National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Program

ARG can help you navigate through the ongoing and often confusing NPRI program.  Whether assistance is needed determining applicability, tabulating your releases, or proper reporting, ARG is there for you to navigate this mandatory regulation.

Under the authority of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) owners and operators of facilities that meet criteria reporting requirements are required to report annuals releases of over 300 substances to the environment.  Once reporting thresholds are met, a facility must report all releases, disposals or transfers off-site. Below are the different reporting programs:

  • Part 1A Core substances that are 1% by weight in a quantity of 10 tonnes or more,

  • Part 1B Alternative Thresholds deal mainly with substances like heavy metals

  • Part 2 PAH releases in quantities of 50 kilograms or more, such as pyrene and anthracene

  • Part 3 Dioxins, furans and hexachlorobenzene from chlorinated solvent production, metal smelting, pulp & paper, cement manufacturing or incineration of hazardous substances

  • Part 4  Criteria air contaminates, from combustion of fuels

  • Part 5 Speciated VOCs


While there are specific criteria that trigger facility reporting, not being aware of man hours worked, pollution generating activities, and substances used at your facility is no excuse for non-reporting. ARG can help your facility with reporting requirements, calculating releases and timely reporting.

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