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Source Emission Testing BC 

Reasons For Source Emission Testing BC

Source emission testing is the process of evaluating the characteristics of industrial waste gas stream emissions into the atmosphere. The emission pollutants that are released into the atmosphere may contain many different pollutant materials. The pollutant materials can be solid, gas, or liquid. Effluent measurements and sampling procedures follow specific test methods to ensure accurate emission data. Test methods are pollutant specific, but can be, sometimes, industry specific depending on the source and jurisdiction, for example, Environment Canada, US EPA or state agencies. 

There are several reasons to get source emission testing BC, or anywhere else nearby. Some of the reasons include:

  • To determine if a process unit is in compliance with existing or proposed emission regulations

  • To determine the economics of materials or product losses from a source

  • To provide more precise data to establish air resources management programs, control regulations and inventories

  • To obtain pertinent data which can assist in the design of control equipment

  • To gauge continuous monitors

Are you in need of source emission testing BC, or somewhere else nearby? If you are in need of source emission testing or air quality testing BC, contact us, here at Air Research Group Inc. 

ARG is a progressive environmental firm composed of engineers, technologists, and technicians with over 100 years of combined air quality testing BC. The team members are considered experts in the field of stack emission testing and flue gas characterization, as well as permitting and compliance. ARG routinely conducts complex emission surveys, engineering research and development studies.

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