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Stack Emission Testing BC

Are You Looking for Stack Emission Testing BC or Stack Emission Testing Alberta?

Stack testing is an accurate method for determining air emissions and a key tool to help effectively manage the environment. These stack measurements provide the basis for quantifying emissions to define the nature and extent of environmental problems and are used as the foundation for evaluating compliance with a wide range of environmental regulations. 

When should you get a stack test?

There are many reasons to get a stack test, but the majority of stack tests are done to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements. Non-regulatory objectives for a stack tests can be for engineering development, guarantee satisfaction or to develop site specific or categorical emission factors. For example, stack testing can be done to optimize a process and assess the performance of control equipment, to characterize emissions or examine a new process line or equipment. Stack testing can also be done to exhibit that the process or control equipment is functioning within its design, efficiency and regulatory limits. 

Are you in need of stack emission testing BC or stack emission testing Alberta? If so, contact Air Research Group Inc. When it comes to stack emission testing BC and stack emission testing Alberta, Air Research Group Inc. (ARG) provides accurate, high quality, professional technical services to our customers. Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with our clients by providing safe, reliable, accurate,high-quality service, with our client’s goals in the forefront. To help fulfill this mission, we provide our clients project management that fits the situation, accompanied with a certified team of professionals. ARG strives to lead the air quality industry in professionalism, performance, and safety.

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